Custom Synthesis Capabilities

Are you looking for a compound that is not commercially available? An impurity needed in your process? Are you looking for a small quantity of a standard used in pharmacological screening?

We take up these projects and other compounds at the request of our clients, all under strict confidentiality.

Each product is supported by full analytic documentation and MSDS. And if you need the compound and the preparation method, we are prepared to supply you with a reproducible, well-documented method.

Our team consists of a small group of Ph.D. chemists with considerable academic and industrial experience in the synthesis of a wide range of organic compounds.

The expertise of our highly experienced team allows us to offer a flexible custom synthesis service for organic compounds of all types. We can supply quantities ranging from grams to kilograms. We offer competitive prices and delivery times of products meeting your specifications. We can work with your proposed process, a literature process available, or we can develop a process ourselves, as appropriate.

For more “open-ended” projects, we also offer a contract research service. If you have a need for exploratory, collaborative R&D synthesis, we can work with your team of chemists as collaborators or consultants to help you to achieve your goal.

Building on expertise in organic chemistry and in the development of novel pharmaceuticals, we undertake the synthesis of known pharmacologically active agents and research chemicals.

Our chemists have experience in a wide range of areas, including heterocycles, amino acids, steroids, water- and air-sensitive chemicals. Our staff’s skill in scaling-up the reactions from milligram to kilogram quantities enables us to generate quantities suitable for in vitro research systems to larger pharmacological studies.


  • Chemical intermediaries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Catalysts and ligands
  • Preparation of API impurities for use as reference compounds in subsequent analyses
  • Replacement of labor- and cost-intensive extraction processes by novel synthetic procedures
  • Chemical standards/solutions Lead-like or drug-like compounds
  • Metabolite Standard
  • Polymers
  • Custom synthesis of reagents for R&D projects (e.g. from patents or publications)
  • Custom synthesis of reference compounds (also first-time synthesis, with no available procedures)
  • Supply of small quantities of exclusive highly pure specialty chemicals